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>>> Time is money!

The dynamic progress of digitalisation in dentistry cannot only be explained by rapid technological advances and the resulting opportunities, but largely by the high labour costs in industrialised countries.

However – is digital always necessary?

Wouldn't it be nice if there were was a simple technology which was aesthetic, of high functional quality, cost-effective and yet fast?

With the Magicap system, the technician no longer layers the veneering material freely, instead, a suitable tooth shape foil (brique) is selected and filled with the desired incisal and dentine material. After placement on the tooth stump or the framework, this is followed by brief alignment with a check of the occlusion.

Light-curing. Correcting margins. Polishing. Finished!

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Magicap in action
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With Magicap® and Magic Composite you are able to fabricate high quality aesthetic restorations within a very short space of time. Depending on the training and skills of the technician involved, time savings can quickly amount to between 35 to 70% compared to a freely layered veneer. This is a tremendous increase in productivity and thus value creation! The patented Magicap® system is exceptionally well suited for fabricating high quality permanent prostheses.

The extensive Magicap® library with approximately 260 different shapes (briques) offers you the opportunity of finding the suitable tooth shape for virtually every patient. Even untrained users can achieve attractive results in the shortest of times with this cost-effective method. In addition, the dispersion layer, which is otherwise usual for polymerising components, is dispensed with completely. This makes working with Magicap® and Magic Composite child's play, tedious layering and modelling is eliminated, and the practical and robust composite material can finally demonstrate its advantages to the full. The clinician, too, benefits from the favourable material properties: Reworking or necessary repairs can be performed without problems directly chairside, in other words, straight in the patient's mouth.


Die physikalischen Eigenschaften natürlicher Zähne sind einzigartig. Verblendmaterial hingegen ist entweder extrem hart und spröde oder aber weich und elastisch. Magic Composite Restaurationen imitieren die Natur auf einzigartige Art und Weise.


A straightforward range of dentine and incisal materials in paste form, which can be extended with suitable opaquers, primers and bonders, smooths the way to a complete application spectrum for Magic Composite. Magic Composite is based on the colour system of the classical Vita* shade ring, all 16 shades can be reproduced without difficulties. With little effort you can achieve aesthetically attractive results and the proverbial “chameleon effect” ensures that Magic Composite restorations can be integrated inconspicuously into the existing dentition.


The hardness and density of the surface also guarantees a very low affinity for plaque. Magic Composite is abrasion-resistant and wear-resistant, yet elastic and antagonist-friendly, and works along bionic principles.

  • Easy, fast and safe to use
  • Perfect, aesthetic, reproducible results
  • Exceptional brilliance and transparency through the unique material combination of finest glass with pyrogenic silicic acid
  • Restorations with a long lifespan through the combination of indispensable elasticity with the necessary hardness
  • Peaks during chewing movements are compensated perfectly by the physical properties of Magic Composite. The antagonist-friendly properties are ideally suited for all areas of veneering techniques, in particular for the sensitive implant, telescope and prosthetic areas.

>>> Technology

The physical properties of natural teeth are recreated perfectly by the materials in Magic Composite.

Magic Composite Dentin has a lower hardness and higher elasticity, corresponding to natural dentine. Magic Composite Incisal offers higher hardness and abrasion resistance, corresponding to natural tooth enamel.

The lower modulus of elasticity indicates the high elasticity of Magic Composite Dentin. The high value indicates the high stability of Magic Composite Incisal. The combination of elastic Magic Composite Dentin with the pressure-resistant Magic Composite Incisal compensates the burden of chewing pressure and prevents chipping.

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